the 52 project // week 17

penny + clementine: with all the rain and extremely warm temps we've been having, strawberry season came early this year! so on a tuesday afternoon we loaded up and drove about 45 mins out of atlanta for an impromptu berry picking playdate with your best buds. penny, you easily ate about 30 strawberries, and i can't really blame you as the fresh berries were so delicious, juicy and warmed by the sunshine. clem, you were just happy to watch the girls running around and feel the cool grass as we took a break in the shade. 

the 52 project // week 16

atlanta ga family photographer

penny + clementine: clem, i had just plopped you down on the grass to get some photos of your new sitting up skills when the two big gals saw a photo op and hopped right in the frame. we're getting quite the collection of photos of the three of you together.


the 52 project // week 14

penny: you and stella had a sleepover at our house during spring break. somehow we've lived next door to your best bud for a bit over a year now and this is the first one you've had here.

clementine: you were just excited to play with the big girls. and as a your mama, who has a sister 5 years older, i can tell you this is what much of your future will feel like. just being excited to play with the big kids.