photo dump...

i realized today that it's been awhile since i've shared what life through the eyes of my iphone looked like lately... so have at it!
 this craving was a serious one!
 puppies behaving very well for halloween treats!
 color combos that make for a happy me :)
 penny's shelves, up and stocked!
 2 puppies snuggled under the blankets
 breastfeeding class with the mr.
 stitching new goodies. all day every day!
 my swollen fingers no longer allow me to wear my wedding ring :(
 finally found the perfect display solution for the mr's dice collection!
 stealing the last cookie
 autumn in our front yard
a night with hank williams III
and today... rainy day attire means stealing your hubby's flannel and sporting a knit hat. so very pearl jam of me.
these weeks have been busy ones with it being the final crunch time before penelope's arrival, and the shop revamp that i decided now would be the perfect time for. but we're truckin' along, and getting things done left and right. and now in true preggo fashion... i need a nap. 
later friends!