family time

jenn pierce, charlotte nc photographer
the other night penny and i met up with evan after he got off work, for a little pre-dinner, sweet treat date. i know just how lucky i am that i get to stay home with penny, and i often feel sad that evan has to miss a lot of her first's because he's at work. so long story short, penny and i decided a family date was needed! also, it was about 84 degrees on said day, and mama had a bit of a sore throat, so frozen sorbet goodness sounded perfect for lots of reasons!
i know people always say that you have to plan time away from your baby to keep from going crazy, but really, when your baby is as sweet as this, why would i ever want to be away from her? i love our little family to bits, and i know eventually this may change, but for now i'm just happy as a clam when it's the 3 of us doing anything at all. penny, you make what was already a good thing pretty darn incredible!