father's day...

this one's for the father's in my life
       for my own... who taught me a love of gardening, a deep appreciation for cooking shows, and how to perfectly enjoy the act of doing nothing while enjoying a glass of wine. who pretends to be a tough cookie, but deep down is a big ol' softy. who gave me his thick dark hair and sky blue eyes, and who worked hard so that his family could enjoy a really good life. i love you dad!
for my father in law, evan's dad, taken from us far too soon... who gave the biggest longest hugs, who always had a somewhat questionable joke to share, who welcomed me into his family the first moment i met him, who supported a family of 8 children, who never let us be sad even when the cancer was really bad, and who helped create the most wonderful husband i could ever ask for. we love you and miss you!
and for evan, the father of our little girl... who has shown me an effortless love that i didn't believe could be possible, who understands my short tempered flustered moments and doesn't judge me for them, who despite having no rhythm has an enthusiasm for dancing that can't be matched, who is always the first to volunteer to help a friend or family member with a laborious project, and most importantly, who loves our daughter to the moon and back. seeing you step into the roll of "papa" has made the love i already have for you grow in leaps and bounds! i'm so happy that she has you to show her what a good man is, and watching the two of you together makes me the happiest mama on the planet. we love you today, tomorrow, and always!
i hope all the other father's out there had a wonderfully spoiled father's day