jenn pierce, charlotte nc photographer
"a portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2013."
penny: you were pretty sick this past week. between your cold, and your molars popping through, you were fairly grumpy much of the week. our big outing ended up being a trip to the post office where you fully enjoyed peeling shipping labels, and hearing your voice echo in the hallway as you sang. a nice reminder to your mama that not all of our adventures need to be expertly planned for you to have a good time!
and now, as suggested by jodi, i'd love start sharing my favorite photo from another bloggers 52 project each week. this week it's THIS adorable picture of little lamb. not only is it the picture that gets me, but also what is written along with it. i think it's so hard for children to imagine that their parents were once young too. i think it'll be so interesting when i eventually have these conversations with penny. if you haven't seen any of Lamb loves Fox's 365 project yet i definitely recommend checking it out. adorable daily posts, you can't go wrong!