jenn pierce, charlotte nc photographer"a portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2013."
penny: a few new things that have happened this week... you cut your first molar, and your second is making its way through as we speak. it's no fun for anyone! you've started carrying around prudence everywhere we go. she's now officially a member of our family and it's kinda sweet. you got your first really good facial bruise after taking a head first dive into your wagon. you've been getting some sad looks when we go out, and then they take a second glance at your mama to size me up. overall this week was kinda a tough one for you, and i think we're both glad to see it go. damn you, molars!

as for my favorite 52 post from last week, i'd have to say its this post here, from little brown wren. the photos of sweet bijou have me looking forward to days of crafting with penny.