jenn pierce, charlotte nc photographer"a portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2013."
penny: we spent much of the day thursday hanging out with your aunt (mommy's BFF) steph. she was 4 days past her due date so we walked, talked, and ate yummy food with her. this photo was taken about 8 hours before she went into heavy labor, and about 12 hours before the boy came on out into this world. you don't know it yet, but we have big plans for you and little wiley. visions of play dates, shared lunches, fighting over toys, and obviously one day getting married. we'll take it slow though... no pressure :)
this past week was a crazy one here, with driving back and forth to atlanta, a sad teething toddler, and being on baby watch with steph. so sadly i wasn't able to properly decide on a favorite 52 post from another blogger, let alone read much of any other blogs this week. mama needs to catch up!