the 52 project // 08

jenn pierce, atlanta ga family photographer"A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014."

penny: i was away from you for the longest period of time ever this week. four whole days. it was only supposed to be three, which we've done before, but when matt and i got snowed in while shooting a wedding in ny, our three days turned to four, and that additional 24 hours was enough to make me miss you like never before. i think maybe you felt the same because since then you've decided you don't need sleep any more, and would simply like to spend all of your time together... awake. you've been waking up at 6am, not falling asleep until 9:30pm on some nights, and today you threw a curveball at me and also decided you didn't need to take a nap. so my dearest penny, i love you like crazy, but let's get some sleep now shall we?!?!

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