the 52 project // 09

jenn pierce, atlanta ga family photographer "A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014."

penny: this week it was all about the potty. out of nowhere you decided it was time to go head first into this whole potty training business. we've had the potty since you were 18 months old, and you originally showed some interest in it then, but after the first few days you weren't into it, so we didn't push it. honestly, i wasn't ready back then either. now however, we all seem to be embracing this new 'big girl' habit you're forming. though there have certainly been some accidents, when we're home you take yourself over to the potty and do your business most of the time without even needing to be reminded. you love to empty your potty into the toilet, and you especially love the single chocolate chip you receive after you're done. and when it came time to pick out some real undies, we were both sad to see that so many of them are covered in dora, minnie mouse, or disney princesses, none of these things interest either of us. so for you my sweet girl, superhero underoos it is! you're still quite a ways away from being fully trained, but just like every other stage of your life so far, i think this is my absolute favorite. i mean really... it couldn't possibly get any cuter!

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