the 52 project // 11

jenn pierce, atlanta ga family photographer "A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014."

penny: slowly but surely we've been preparing you for what's to come... mommy's first wedding season. sure we've had a few weekends apart here and there, but very soon, and for a couple of months in a row, i'll be gone almost every weekend. thankfully your daddy is a pro at steering the ship in my absence, and you're very excited about the idea of mommy taking a plane so often. it's hard to explain that my being away is completely for the good of our family, you just know that you miss me when i'm not here, and the feeling is very much mutual, my little bug. i know in time that all this will become completely natural for you, and until it does, you know you'll be getting lot's of mommy guilt souveneirs... so really, i don't think you'll mind it all that much after all.


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