the 52 project // 18

jenn pierce, atlanta ga family photographer "A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014."

penny: it's kind of bananas just how good this past week was. after doing this project for almost a year and a half, this is the first time i've ever had a really truly difficult time picking a photo. pizza picnic in the park, ice cream date on a friday night, and our first camping trip... how could i be expected to pick just one! so i default to a photo that i simply love for unexplained reasons. we had a spur of the moment trip to the playground on this day. you had a blast with a few other kids, and hardly needed me there at all. i loved watching you in your element. these days are getting good, like really REALLY good! sure you can be quite a handful, but the amount of fun we're having together blows the trying times out of the water!

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