the 52 project // 19

jenn pierce, atlanta ga family photographer "A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014."

penny: today you woke me up with a hand painted mother's day card, and another that sang me a little cheer when i opened it. you then proceeded to play that cheering card about 20 more times in a row. it was perfect. looking at this photo it occurs to me that never in my life could i have imagined having so much happiness wrapped up in seeing squishy toddler legs in a purple tutu. messy blonde curls, dirty fingernails, skinned knees, and slobbery kisses, are also a few other things that make my days worth living. thank you for making me a mother penny, and for putting everything else in just the right perspective. i love you.

happy mother's day to all the mamas out there... especially mine!

linking up with jodi. and because i really couldn't get enough of this get up... jenn pierce, atlanta ga family photographerjenn pierce, atlanta ga family photographer