the 52 project // 23

atlanta family photographer, jenn pierce "A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014."

penny: you had your first day of summer camp last week. you could hardly wait, the new backpack and sneaks only made your excitement grow, and it didn't hurt a lick that your best bud, stella, is going to camp with you too. this also happened to be the first time that we dropped you off somewhere that you had never been, to be watched by someone you had never met. it was a really big day for all of us. thankfully you 100% loved it. when i came to pick you up a few hours later, you gave me a quick 'hi mommy' and went right back to playing. you told me on the ride home that you made new friends, and naturally that made me cry. i'm so proud of how well you did at "school/camp" (which is what we had to start calling it when a few days before your first day you asked me if you would sleep in a tent there. you thought we were going camping again. confusing, i know!). and though you now proudly proclaim that you're a big girl, and can do anything and everything yourself, you're still not above asking to being wrapped up and rocked like a baby before you go to bed... and i'm absolutely ok with that!

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