the 52 project // playing catchup

week 34

atlanta ga family photographer penny: this year, on our yearly trip to busch gardens in williamsburg, va, you finally got to go on the bigger kid rides, ate some cotton candy (mind. blown.), went night swimming, and played nonstop with your older cousins. that last part being your favorite thing about the whole trip. you fell pretty hard for your cousin abby, and i think the feeling was definitely mutual.

week 35

charlotte nc family photographer penny: you and i took a little road trip up to charlotte and stayed with aunt steph and your little buddy boone for a few days. you were almost like a big sister to him while we were there. a big sister that comes complete with toy stealing and hitting. luckily though, the sweet moments were just as abundant.

week 36

atlanta ga family photographer penny: seen here practicing your bubble blowing skills. week 37

atlanta ga family photographer penny: you've been having a rather rough go of bedtime as of late. the tantrums were epic, the tears were plentiful, and frustration from all parties involved was evident. in the process of trying to figure out how to get you past this phase i turned to a tried and true method of parenting. bribery. and it worked! i promised you a very special ice cream date if you could go to bed without a single tear. you happily obliged, and we both scored some ice cream out of it. win win!

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