a family session // atlanta ga

i fall a little bit in love with every family i photograph. it sounds pretty corny, for sure, but looking back at these images i'm reminded of just how easily i was welcomed into this home. the smell of biscuits cooking, the avett brothers playing in the background, it was all just so comfortable right from the start. to make it all a little more ooey gooey and heartwarming, emily had asked me to come and photograph her family before she gave birth to her next baby because i had taken pictures of her nephew, asher, last summer. asher and his family now live a few minutes away and they would be stopping over later that afternoon for a little hello! being welcomed into these incredible families is one thing, but getting to watch these kids grow up is really what makes me a weepy mess at the drop of a hat. also, grandparents in town for a visit?!?! i was doomed to fall hard from the get go. what can i say, i wear this here heart forever on my sleeve!  

atlanta ga family photographer
atlanta ga family photographer