the 52 project // week 4

penny: this 52 project is almost turning into the 52 weeks of penny + stella. you guys are getting to be more and more like sisters every day. the love you have for each other is fierce. and just to keep it truly like sisters, the bickering and competition between the two of you is right on par with that of siblings... i'd imagine. 

on this particular day we popped on into one of our favorite coffee/snack spots for said coffee + snacks, and thought we'd just have an hour or so hang with stella and her mama. well with a constant round of new friends appearing, and the possible chance of snow outside, that simple one hour turned into 5 hours! thank goodness for sweet local shops that are super kid friendly and welcoming to us squatters. i'm looking at you hodgepodge... we love you!

we followed up this day by having stella sleepover our house, and even with the 20 or so straight hours together you still asked to facetime with stella 5 minutes after she left our home. again i'll say it... the love is fierce!

also... thanks to matt for that last shot of me with the girls. yeehaw for having friends who will pick up your camera and get you in the frame too!


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