the 52 project // week 30

penny + clementine: this morning, with this light, i could have photographed you guys forever. in an effort to get some time outdoors before the oppressive atlanta heat of the day sets in, we had taken to doing early morning walks. penny, you LOVED making footprints in the morning dew, and clem you didn't mind being strolled around while snacking one single bit.

penny, we didn't know it at the time, but this would would end up being your last week of summer vacation. on the friday of this week we found out, pretty last minute, that spots had opened up for you and stella at our first choice school! however, no longer did you have a full week left of summer, you were starting on monday! so these walks and these photos turned out to mark the end of summer break for us. i'm glad we made the effort to simply have some quality time together before the go go go of the school year is upon us. exciting days ahead!

the 52 project // week 29

penny + clem: it took us a little while to get the swing of this summer with two kids thing. the days got so hot so fast that we needed to explore some new shady spots in order to make it work. this here land trust, tucked away right in the middle of busy atlanta, was a great spot to spend a morning. clem, you ate a gallon of sand. and penny, you were covered head to toe in about that same amount. it was indeed perfect.


the 52 project // week 28

atlanta family lifestyle photographer
atlanta family lifestyle photographer
atlanta family lifestyle photographer

penny + clementine- the morning clem discovered the curtains was a fun one for all. penny, it makes my heart feel like it could burst wide open when i see you excited and enamored with your little sisters explorations. you're an awesome big sister, and clem, you're a pretty darn funny little one.


the 52 project // week 27

penny + clementine- weekend mornings when daddy is home to do cool things like let you work on his truck with him are the best kind of mornings there are. penny, you were so proud of yourself for helping get the tools, and clem, you were just happy to sit outside, watch, and eat some grass. simple pleasures!


the 52 project // week 26

penny + clementine- on this day, at the half way point through this 52 project, i realized i hadn't picked up my camera all week. so when i noticed the two of you actually contained and content on gaga's couch i grabbed the camera and snapped away. a pretty typical mundane moment, but magic none the less. my girls.