i recant that statement...

ok, so a few weeks ago i made the statement that from now on friday would be ensemble post day because i just enjoyed doing them oh so much. well i'm already taking that back. i realized shorting after doing so, that making it a rule that fridays i must post an outfit took all of the enjoyment out of it for me. i do so love me some ensemble picks, but setting a specific day to do them just doesn't really work for my schedule. for example, today i needed to paint and tend to some light gardening and pack orders... that doesn't exactly make for cute outfit picks. i did however come across some finds that i'm just hearting and i would love to share 'em with ya!
jenn pierce, charlotte nc photographer

ahhh, this scarf. i got it about 7 or so years ago when i worked at a vintage shop in nyc. it's pretty much my favorite and i couldn't find it all winter because it was packed away in a box somewhere. so naturally it turns up on the hottest day of the year so far. 76 degrees is still ok scarf wearing weather in my book!
jenn pierce, charlotte nc photographer
and these sneaks are my new go to spring/summer everyday footwear. i got them at walmart of all places, for somewhere around 7 bucks. perfect for the ample bike rides i plan to have this summer. i do believe i will stock up on them because i can certainly wear me through some sneaks
so anywho, that's my stance on the outfit posts. they'll still appear on my blog, but who knows when and where. gotta love a mystery.
happy weekend one and all!