master cleanse- day eleven... bummer!

jenn pierce, charlotte nc photographer
after coasting through days and days of just drinking the master cleanse mix, i hit a brick wall. i take full responsibility for it though, because yesterday i was not a very good cleanser.

i woke up feeling fabulous yesterday, lots of energy, cleansing business as usual. i was so busy all day though that i neglected to drink much of the lemonade. by not much i mean i had three glasses all day. as a point of reference for you, you're supposed to have about 8 to 12 minimum! this was not smart. a total of just shy around 200 calories in an entire day, a busy day too, is probably going to bring anyone down pretty low. this morning, day 11, i woke up feeling like poo! i was nauseous, and uncomfortable, and upon realizing that i needed to get some calories in me quick i started to make my way into the kitchen. this is when it got ugly. i started sweating, shaking, and slowly but surely blacking out. i grabbed a glass of water, dumped some maple syrup in it, and sat on the floor right there. after a few sips i was able to make my way to the couch, where i proceeded to spend the next 5 hours. no energy to move, just enough to put on the first season of arrested development and veg for awhile.

i full on intended to go for 12 days until this morning and it bothers me that i had to stop early. however, the reason i started doing this was to get a healthy new start, clean out my insides, and feel great! losing some weight was definitely part of the equation, but starving myself was most certainly not! if i'm not doing this the right way, then it's time for me to stop. this whole process has really taught me to listen to what my body is asking for, and right now it's asking me for some food! so i'm swallowing my pride and giving in a day early. i went to the full 10 days which was my original goal and i do feel great about that. i'm really excited to start working on my new plan too, incorporating lots and lots more raw foods into my diet. steph and i have been researching raw meals and i'm stoked to start working on some of those!

so for today it's onto orange juice. later steph and i will be making a large pot of fresh veggie soup and i'll also get to drink some of the broth from that. breaking a fast correctly is just as important as the fast itself, so i'll be sure to at least do that part right.

let the cleansing come to an end...

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