crunch time!

welp, i'm down to the wire. tomorrow is Rock & Shop and i've got miles to go before is sleep. i've got to finish my booth setup, price everything, pack up all my goodies... and that's just to name a few. luckily i've learned not to get too stressed out about doing craft shows. it's not worth freaking out the night before trying to get one last piece finished, when in the end it really won't make a difference. i find it much more productive to get all my ducks in a row and then get a good night sleep. so with that said... let me go and freak out for a few hours just to get it out of my system!

in completely unrelated news... i got a tree for evan and i last night! i was positively giddy when i saw it. it's tiny, (we don't have too much extra space for a biggy) and oh so chubby! i love it!

jenn pierce, charlotte nc photographer

i also draped a strand of lights around the windows in our living room for a little added ambiance. you can even see a bit of them behind the tree! just these few simple things instantly make if feel cozy and festive here. now to find the perfect stockings!

hope everyone has a fabulous weekend, and if you're in the durham, nc area come on out tomorrow. it's gonna be a blast!!!