DIY faux porcelain milk bottles and pom pom flowers

i have been head over heals for the porcelain milk bottles (like these) that i've been spotting on numerous design blogs and such. as much as i would absolutely love to own a gazillion of them, i simply can't find room in my ever so limited budget to splurge on a tiny bit of decor. here's the good news though... i've come up with a "fake it till you make it" solution!

all you need is...

*milk bottles (or any glass bottle really)
*spray primer (i love kilz and nothing else!)

and for the pom pom flowers shown below...

*pom poms
*glue (almost any will do here)
*twigs (free in your backyard... or perhaps your neighbors)

and VOILA!!!

jenn pierce, charlotte nc photographer

jenn pierce, charlotte nc photographer

here's a "how to" along with a cute little song...

you just want to make sure to do light coats of the primer to get that textured ceramic look and no drippies! hope you enjoyed this as much as i enjoyed doing it!