feeling uninspired

jenn pierce, charlotte nc photographer
it happens to all creative people at one point or another... and often multiple points throughout their lives. the loss of creative motivation. well for the past few days i've felt this very thing coming on, and yesterday it full on smacked me in the face. i feel completely uninspired. usually i can look at beautiful things online, or read my favorite blogs, and become absolutely motivated again. right now though, this just ain't so. i hate this feeling. generally there are about 120 projects running through my brain and i simply can't wait to get started on each and every one of them. well the projects are still there, but the excitement has gone. so today, in an effort to find that zest again, i'm doing some of my favorite inspiring things.

1) going out for coffee... silly but true
2) going to my favorite salvage yard/antique spot to cast iron hunt... it'll be muddy and messy but it never fails to get me excited
3) stop by some craft supply stores just to browse
4) tonight and this weekend play with anything new that excites me without the pressure to create a finished sellable piece

i'll go ahead and expand on #4 for a bit. i think when you craft for a living there is this pressure that you put on yourself to have everything you create become a perfect sellable piece. i don't often make things anymore just for the fun of it. so this weekend, in between cleaning up our house and rearranging some things (also one of my absolute favorite things to do), i'll be finding my inner inspiring mojo. it's still there, i know it is, but i've forgotten to tend to it for a while and i think it's just feeling neglected.

anyone else ever get in one of these funks? what's your favorite way of finding your way out of it? yesterday in an effort to start shaking this feeling, i played around with some materials and created that little lady above. it had nothing to do with anything regarding my shop and it felt rather good just fiddling around! i thought that might do the trick, but today the "blah" lingers. so apparently more extreme measures must be taken!

here's to an inspiring weekend!