this is how our garden grows!

jenn pierce, charlotte nc photographer

it's official... our garden has been planted! we kinda waited a bit longer then we probably should have, but it's been a busy busy past few weeks. so before i head out of town for the weekend, evan and i decided that this must get done asap! last night evan picked the weeds, turned all of the soil in our garden bed, and then added some of our compost that we're so excited to finally use! so today (after a fabulous lunch with friends) i got to work gettin' dirty! last year was our first garden and i became what you might call OBSESSED! i have a whole collection of what i consider garden porn. ya know, beautiful close ups of my pretty plants from every conceivable angle. i absolutely loved it! so after one year under my belt, i feel like i learned quite a lot and now i'm hoping for a really successful crop this year. finger crossed!
here's what we planted...
cherry tomatoes
heirloom tomatoes
banana peppers
red bell peppers
yellow squash
butter lettuce
romaine lettuce
and a separate pot of basil
has anyone else got a summer garden going yet? if so here's to hoping we're all successful!