full of love!

thank you so very much for all the love and sweet comments yesterday. evan & i are super stoked about these new roles we're about to take on. it feels so good to finally be able to talk about it here now. i've had this huge secret for about 2 months and it was so hard to not say anything, so i found myself just holding back on everything. no fun at all!

in other exciting news, today's barkley's birthday! my little boy is now 2 years old. check out his first appearance on the ol' blog. this weekend we spoiled him rotten as an early birthday present. he did some hiking, some new dog sniffing, some swimming, and even had his very first boat ride. barkley is the first dog i've ever had, so naturally his birthday is a big deal!

jenn pierce, charlotte nc photographer

jenn pierce, charlotte nc photographer

tonight we're having a little doggie birthday party complete with party hats, presents, puppy pizzas and even a birthday cake.

happy birthday barkley. we love you tons!!!