weekly bean update

jenn pierce, charlotte nc photographer

jenn pierce, charlotte nc photographer

and according to The Bump this week...

jenn pierce, charlotte nc photographer

so not much change as far as the belly is concerned. it's starting to feel a little harder these days, and my jeans are feeling a bit snugger, but definitely not looking preggo just yet. after weeks of nausea my appetite has come back... with a vengeance! breakfast and dinner don't really thrill me at all, but lunch, now that's where i really hit my stride!

favorite things this week...

my new body pillow
blueberry bagels
my beband (for the days of serious bloat!)
franks hot sauce

not favorite things this week...

becoming suddenly clumsier then i usually am (and i'm never one for gracefulness)
lower back pain
being turned off by broccoli (this actually started as soon as i became pregnant, bummer!)

i can't believe i'm already 3 months in! 1/3 of the way there... ahhhh! i'm juggling 5 different pregnancy books and reading a ton of blogs and so far the best advice i've gotten is from a friend of ours. she's the momma of a lovely little lady and she said "it's much less about learning, and much more about listening to your gut!" i've always been a good gut listener so i'm feeling pretty good about that advice!