weekly bean update

happy new years friends! we are officially on baby watch 2012 over here. my blood pressure has been a bit high as of late, so i've been put on modified bed rest until penny arrives. so that means lots of reading, naps, and episodes of lost. really not all that bad when you think about it. i'm hoping she comes all on her own some time in the next couple days, otherwise they're talking about inducing... which i really don't want! penny will be here soon though one way or another, and i can't wait to meet her!

i hope everyone had a fabulous new years eve and that your 2012 is off to a great start. now back to kicking up these feet for me. hopefully i'll have a baby update for y'all soon!!!

weekly bean update

ok little lady... you can officially come any time now :)

boy oh boy has this week got me exhausted! with all the christmas activities, evan's family all being in town, and trying to prepare for penny's arrival, i am absolutely wiped out! i'm taking today to lounge around, drink lots of water (gotta get these swollen feet in check), and nap whenever i see fit. i'm enjoying these last days of "somewhat tired", before the days of "oh my god, we have a newborn, i'm so tired i can't think straight" set in. and now that i think about it, i do believe a little nap is calling my name right now!

weekly bean update

check that belly... booya!

and because i found it impossible to find a 5lb honeydew melon in the midst of winter for my current fruit baby, this is what you get...

and for weeks 33-36 according to the bump...
HOW FAR ALONG- 35 weeks 6 days. 9th month, i've got you in my sights!
SIZE OF BABY- 18in and 5.25lb                                

MATERNITY CLOTHES?- yup, in these photos both the shirt and pants are for preggos!
STRETCH MARKS?- not yet!
SLEEP?- i now wake up about every hour to pee... so that's fun. i'm just thinking of it as practice for when i'm getting no sleep at all very soon.
FEELING ANY MOVEMENTS?- yes, penny still enjoys doing her karate in my uterus. 
ANY CRAVINGS?- french dressing. weird, i know. i've been choosing my lunches based around the fact that i would love to put french dressing on it. 
BELLY BUTTON. IN OR OUT?- still holding on and staying in!
STILL WEARING RINGS?- nope. looks like swollen fingers are here to stay.
BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK-  getting through the last big event that i wanted to still have energy for, the big crafty last weekend. from here on out i can do as much as i'd like, but also take it easy when i need to.
WORST MOMENT OF THE WEEK- braxton hicks have started, and they seem to only come at night. yet another thing to keep me from getting a good nights rest. sometimes i actually have to get out of bed and move around until they pass. just a little reminder that we really are so very close to meeting our little lady. they're really not that bad over all though, and i'm sure they are NOTHING compared to the joy of real contractions. i'll take these while i can!

weekly bean update

this is a slightly under the weather bean update for ya as i'm not quite at 100% today...

last night i had a terrible nights sleep, and it left me feeling, well, pregnant today. tired, a little cranky, and just not quite as fabulous as i've been feeling up until now. i'm hoping it's just this one day and that tomorrow i'll be back to my normal self. we shall see...

i'm keeping this short and sweet because i still have tons to do in preparation for the big crafty this weekend, but can i just add in here how much it looks like i'm smuggling someones forgotten thanksgiving turkey under my sweater. i know i'll probably be saying this every week, but really, how can this belly still have a month of growing left?!?! i'm quite short (just shy of 5'2") so i know she doesn't  really have anywhere to go except out, but this thing is getting pretty darn impressive if you ask me. i surprise myself every time i walk past a mirror.

another side note... i've had this sweater since before i was pregnant and i only just found out the other day that you could button up the sides and make it into a little wrap. i think it looks like a funny little belly holder, and i like it!
here's to growing a healthy little baby in there!