16 weeks

ok, i'll probably say this with every update from here on out, but i think this time, right now, is my absolute favorite. penny cracks me up on a daily basis. 16 has been a huge week for this little lady. she learned to roll over, grab her feet, and squeal to high heaven when she gets excited. it's impossible for me to explain just how in love with this little girl i am, and from what i hear it only gets better. even though teething is still making our nights quite rough, and i'm hardly getting any sleep at all, i've never been happier in my life. i mean come on, look at those toes! how could anyone be sad when you've got those to nibble on all day! yup, this mommy thing agrees with me quite well... and this coming from someone who at one time swore she would never want kids. go figure!

ps... this post was a little late to the party, because as of today she's actually 17 weeks.