jenn pierce, charlotte nc family photographer "A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2013."

penny: you tagged along with me on a little trip to NY to shoot a wedding with a good friend. it was just you and i taking on some fun travel adventures. a plane, to a shuttle, to a missed train, which led to a picnic on the floor of said train station, only to be repeated 6 days later. you were such a trooper, even when i scooped you up from a cozy sound sleep, still in your pj's, to get you back to the airport, back on a plane, and back to your daddy. we've traveled with you a number of times before (this being a favorite for us all), but on this particular little trip i saw just how easy going you can be. you fell asleep anywhere, you were such a good girl for your aunts when mama was away shooting the wedding, and oh man did you love playing with your cousins. my heart was so so very happy with how easy you made it for the both of us, because in all honesty, i was a little nervous.

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