though we've already told family and friends, i've yet to talk here about some upcoming events in our life. come the end of december, our family of three will be moving from charlotte down to atlanta. it's been in the works for a few months, and things have all just recently fallen into place. we're so excited about the new opportunities that await us, but at the same time so so sad to be leaving behind some people that we love more then anything in this world.  

recently it's occurred to me that penny will probably have no memory of this little brick home where she spent the first two years of her life. where she took her first steps in her bedroom, and learned to roll over on our bed. where i rocked her to sleep in the living room when her teeth just wouldn't give her a break, and where her daddy gave her baths in the kitchen sink every night. where she had her first real belly laugh while watching the dogs wrestle in the backyard, and slept snuggly between her dad & i in our bed for the first few months of her life. it's all been here...


i'm extremely grateful for this 52 project for so many reasons. i know one day evan, penny, and i will look back through these 52 photos and be brought back to each moment, each milestone in her life, big and small, and though she won't remember any of it she'll know just how much this home of ours helped make her who she is.

jenn pierce, charlotte nc family photographer "A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

penny: i realized only after uploading pictures from this day that once upon a time you used to need to stand on a concrete block to reach this latch on the garden fence. in this photo here, there is nothing but the ground under your feet. you've grown so much this week, and more then just physically. you're in a big girl bed now, you want nothing to do with a high chair, and you now speak in sweet little sentences. 2 is just around the corner, and i think you're ready to take it on head first!

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