the 52 project, a two for one week

"a portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week in 2013 48/52 jenn pierce, charlotte nc family photographer

penny: this was taken at the thanksgiving day parade. we nearly didn't go that morning. it was about 30 degrees, and you were still getting over a cold, but aunt steph gave us the heads up that they had found some cozy spots in the sun, and that we should come on down. we bundled up, packed a few snacks, and all three of us were out the door quicker then any time i can recall. i'm so so glad we took you that morning. you were in awe of the balloons, loved watching the dancers, and when lollipops were thrown into the crowd that pretty much sealed the deal for you. parades are a.o.k in your book!

49/52 jenn pierce, charlotte nc family photographer

penny: rain boots + muddy puddles = a very happy little girl

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