the 52 project // 12

jenn pierce, atlanta ga family photographer "A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014."

penny: i've kind of been putting off writing this past weeks post because it hasn't been the most pleasant week for either of us. you're going through a really tough phase right now, and it's got all of us exhausted. it started as just an occasional bad dream, but lately it seems that you're having nightmares (or night terrors on the really bad days) almost every single night. this is leading to a complete lack of sleep, which is leading to very cranky and tantrum filled days, which as it turns out, only leads to more night terrors. i'm doing my best to help you through this time with comfort and understanding, but it's not always easy. as i'm writing this now, you're asleep in your room after having a meltdown so epic that you actually passed out afterwards. it's 2 hours before nap time, and you're never a fan of going to bed, so this should be noted as out of the ordinary for sure. i'm so heartbroken over the fact that i don't know how to make this cycle stop. we're trying everything possible and still you wake twice a night with bad dreams. without a doubt, it's the hardest thing we've gone through as parents so far. i only find comfort in knowing that this too shall pass...

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