the 52 project // 13

jenn pierce, atlanta ga family photographer "A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014."

penny: this photo pretty well sums you up these days. no pants, skinned knees, and getting into something you probably shouldn't be. you are most definitely two!

last week we drove up to charlotte to visit our best buds for there little boy's very first birthday. it was one year ago that we were doing THIS. i can not believe how fast this past year went. the years fly by in regards to your own children, but i'm pretty sure they move at warp speed when it's your friend's children! on our trip we pretty much expected penny's terrible sleep patterns (mentioned here if you missed it) to continue right on as scheduled, but to our great delight she actually started sleeping through the night again, and even slept until 8am every day. that far exceeded her 6:30am wake up that she was having previous to this trip. she slept in a pack-n-play while we were there, and you had best believe we busted hers out when we got home to see if her new good habits would carry over. after a few rough starts we seem to have solved it... for now. we came to the conclusion that she was doing some extreme rolling in her sleep, probably rolling out of her floor bed, sort of waking herself up, and that's what was kicking off the night terrors. we never would have guessed that without going out of town because she's been in that bed since she was 4 months old. we'll for sure be keeping her in her pack-n-play until we know we're in the clear, and then probably go ahead and get her a real big girl bed... with toddler rails for this little mover!

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