the 52 project

week 36

penny: i told you we were going to be going to the doctor for your healthy checkup in a few days, and it made you pretty nervous. i then reminded you that you had been with your best friend, stella, when she had her check up at the very same doctor, and you had lots of fun there. you were still pretty unsure of it all. i then asked if you'd like to facetime stella and have her tell you all about it again. you did, and it helped heaps! the two of you then proceeded to have a cyber tea party and a snack together. you'll never fully appreciate how amazing this day and age is that you live in. also, you ended up loving the doctor... but not the shot!

week 37

penny: we hiked up stone mountain. you ran the entire way. can i please have a bit of your energy???

week 38

penny: we were killing some time waiting for stella to meet up with us, so i started explaining the subtle technique of holding a bit of foliage in front of the camera lens to create that blur on the side of this photo. it held your interest just long enough for me to get this weeks 52 photo. also... there's a mosquito biting your wrist. sorry.

week 39

penny: you and i got into a pretty good car accident this week. it's all you want to talk about. i guess it's your way of processing it all. so yes, i will tell you allllll about the day we got into the accident again... and again... and again.