the 52 project // week 52


penny: here we are, the final week of yet another 52 project. this seems like an appropriate one to sum you up these days. super silly, often preforming, and keeping your dad and i laughing more often then not. in a few short days you'll be four years old, and here in this ridiculous image i can so easily spot the four year old, and have to look pretty hard to spot the little babe you once were. i love you, you tiny maniac. thank you for making this year another amazing one for our family! 


and now with three incredible years of portraits of this nugget, i feel like it may be time to switch it up a bit in 2016. i'm not sure exactly what that switch will be, but i've got some ideas floating around this head of mine. let's see just where it takes us...


all of this years portraits can be seen HERE. thanks for sharing this crazy ride with us! happy new year!!! 






the 52 project

week 45


Penny: this day here... not one of your best. it was just an out of the blue all around bad day for you. i can't say what caused it, but you were cranky, kinda mean, and just generally in a fairly bad mood all day. not even your gaga could help to shake it for you. however, about an hour before bed you somehow turned it around and returned to your normal happy spirits. i guess we all have our days. 


week 46


penny: we're in a bit of a mermaid phase...


week 47


penny: while house/dog sitting for lesli + dave you became quite the little pecan gatherer. in a matter of about 15 minutes this bucket was full and you made sure to repeatedly tell me that we CAN NOT take the cracked ones. lesli thanked you for your hard work by gifting you a bag of your very own already shelled pecans and you tried to sleep with it in your bed. i've since hidden the bag.


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the 52 project // week 44

penny: two things...

1) when we decided to go vegan, and therefore decided to raise a vegan child, one of my biggest concerns was halloween. i wondered, when you came of trick-or-treating age would you feel left out? would you resent being vegan? would we scar you for life??? well this weekend we got our answer. definitely not! we went around stella's neighborhood, and for the first few houses instead of saying the typical "trick-or-treat", you would ring the bell, wait for someone to answer the door, and immediately say "we're vegan!" we talked you out of that routine and you collected your candy graciously in true halloween fashion. when we got back to stella's house we traded out the non-vegan candy for some vegan options and you were still simply smitten with the whole chain of events. and now every morning your favorite activity is to look through your pumpkin bucket, sort out all of your plunder, and giggle with pride. i love reliving halloween through your eyes.

and now 2) in five months we're moving into the home ONE HOUSE AWAY from stella. we've yet to tell you this. i'm holding out for it to be at least a little bit closer because i know waiting 5 months for the best day of your life to happen is simply way too long!

the 52 project

week 40

penny: your dog is a saint. well mostly. he makes up for eating the noses off of your stuffed animals by letting you jump around him on the bed like a maniac. he's a good boy. again... mostly.

week 41

penny: you're never one to shy away from a good mess. each time i make chalk paint for you, the first thing you do is mix together all the colors. the second thing you do is stick your hands right on in there and proceed to make it a full body experience.

week 42

penny: after school adventures with stella. it's so cute how neither of you ever want the best bud times to end. i don't think you know how lucky you guys are to have each other.

week 43

penny: this is the kind of joy that comes only upon going to your friends house and finding out that she has both the elsa AND anna costumes. and somehow there was not a single fight over who wore which costume. it was like a playdate miracle!

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the 52 project

week 36

penny: i told you we were going to be going to the doctor for your healthy checkup in a few days, and it made you pretty nervous. i then reminded you that you had been with your best friend, stella, when she had her check up at the very same doctor, and you had lots of fun there. you were still pretty unsure of it all. i then asked if you'd like to facetime stella and have her tell you all about it again. you did, and it helped heaps! the two of you then proceeded to have a cyber tea party and a snack together. you'll never fully appreciate how amazing this day and age is that you live in. also, you ended up loving the doctor... but not the shot!

week 37

penny: we hiked up stone mountain. you ran the entire way. can i please have a bit of your energy???

week 38

penny: we were killing some time waiting for stella to meet up with us, so i started explaining the subtle technique of holding a bit of foliage in front of the camera lens to create that blur on the side of this photo. it held your interest just long enough for me to get this weeks 52 photo. also... there's a mosquito biting your wrist. sorry.

week 39

penny: you and i got into a pretty good car accident this week. it's all you want to talk about. i guess it's your way of processing it all. so yes, i will tell you allllll about the day we got into the accident again... and again... and again.