the 52 project

week 40

penny: your dog is a saint. well mostly. he makes up for eating the noses off of your stuffed animals by letting you jump around him on the bed like a maniac. he's a good boy. again... mostly.

week 41

penny: you're never one to shy away from a good mess. each time i make chalk paint for you, the first thing you do is mix together all the colors. the second thing you do is stick your hands right on in there and proceed to make it a full body experience.

week 42

penny: after school adventures with stella. it's so cute how neither of you ever want the best bud times to end. i don't think you know how lucky you guys are to have each other.

week 43

penny: this is the kind of joy that comes only upon going to your friends house and finding out that she has both the elsa AND anna costumes. and somehow there was not a single fight over who wore which costume. it was like a playdate miracle!

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