the 52 project // week 52


penny: here we are, the final week of yet another 52 project. this seems like an appropriate one to sum you up these days. super silly, often preforming, and keeping your dad and i laughing more often then not. in a few short days you'll be four years old, and here in this ridiculous image i can so easily spot the four year old, and have to look pretty hard to spot the little babe you once were. i love you, you tiny maniac. thank you for making this year another amazing one for our family! 


and now with three incredible years of portraits of this nugget, i feel like it may be time to switch it up a bit in 2016. i'm not sure exactly what that switch will be, but i've got some ideas floating around this head of mine. let's see just where it takes us...


all of this years portraits can be seen HERE. thanks for sharing this crazy ride with us! happy new year!!!