the 52 project // week 1

i thought and thought about just what it was about the 52 project that was feeling a little uninspiring to me those last few months and i think i figured it out. it was almost like that moment in muppets take manhattan when kermit realizes what's been missing from his show. it needs MORE frogs and bears and chickens and things! this project was starting to feel a bit lack luster to me because i want it to represent MORE! there are so many more people in penny's life, and so many more moments in our day to day, that all have a huge impact on this person she's becoming. so i'm breaking the rule of keeping it to just one photo. each week i'll pick a collection of what i feel best represents our week and share it here. it may be 10 images of penny, it may be 1 of her and 9 of our cat. who knows! so hey 2016... let's see what ya got for us!


penny: this week it was all about you turning four. how on earth are you already 4 YEARS OLD!!! we celebrated the day with a little friends lunch at your favorite sushi spot, and kept the good times rolling (see what i did there) with some bowling and doughnuts. it was an absolutely perfect day. as the youngest of your closest friends, you're so excited to be four now. every so often we still catch you quietly whispering to yourself "i'm four years old now!". i happy cry every time.


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