the 52 project

week 45


Penny: this day here... not one of your best. it was just an out of the blue all around bad day for you. i can't say what caused it, but you were cranky, kinda mean, and just generally in a fairly bad mood all day. not even your gaga could help to shake it for you. however, about an hour before bed you somehow turned it around and returned to your normal happy spirits. i guess we all have our days. 


week 46


penny: we're in a bit of a mermaid phase...


week 47


penny: while house/dog sitting for lesli + dave you became quite the little pecan gatherer. in a matter of about 15 minutes this bucket was full and you made sure to repeatedly tell me that we CAN NOT take the cracked ones. lesli thanked you for your hard work by gifting you a bag of your very own already shelled pecans and you tried to sleep with it in your bed. i've since hidden the bag.


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