the 52 project // week 44

penny: two things...

1) when we decided to go vegan, and therefore decided to raise a vegan child, one of my biggest concerns was halloween. i wondered, when you came of trick-or-treating age would you feel left out? would you resent being vegan? would we scar you for life??? well this weekend we got our answer. definitely not! we went around stella's neighborhood, and for the first few houses instead of saying the typical "trick-or-treat", you would ring the bell, wait for someone to answer the door, and immediately say "we're vegan!" we talked you out of that routine and you collected your candy graciously in true halloween fashion. when we got back to stella's house we traded out the non-vegan candy for some vegan options and you were still simply smitten with the whole chain of events. and now every morning your favorite activity is to look through your pumpkin bucket, sort out all of your plunder, and giggle with pride. i love reliving halloween through your eyes.

and now 2) in five months we're moving into the home ONE HOUSE AWAY from stella. we've yet to tell you this. i'm holding out for it to be at least a little bit closer because i know waiting 5 months for the best day of your life to happen is simply way too long!