the 52 project // week 10

penny + clementine: there are few things i can promise you in this life, but one thing i know is that i'll never make you get all dressed up, bring you to a photo studio, and have you take those perfect smiling at the camera portraits. it's not who we are. and more then that, it's not what i care to remember. penny, i love the fact that i can see your dirty feet from a morning spent barefoot in the backyard. and that you're still in the nightgown gaga just bought for you because you didn't want to take it off all day. clem, i love that you have a bit of stink face from your sister literally trying to strap you to her belly in your swaddle blanket. and the one with your feet in the air when penny abandoned you so that she could go jump on the couch. i love that barkley came and sat right in front of you both as if to say "don't forget me!". it's all perfectly imperfect, and THAT is what i want to remember!