the 52 project // week 9

penny: truth be told, these pictures were taken during week 10. during week 9 i was spending all my free time either trying (unsuccessfully) to get clem to nap, or pumping in preparation for being away from her for 3 days. your school was cancelled for two of those days and you took all of the tending to your sister with such grace and understanding. it seems you're growing up so quickly lately, and i'm incredibly grateful for how beautifully you've taken on the role of big sister. so on this day, while at gaga's house, we went for a walk just you and i. we picked flowers, climbed rocks, played pirates, and spent a simple 30 mins with just each others undivided attention. i think we both needed that.


clementine: one of the many naps this week that only lasted about 10 mins. the beauty of you being the second baby though is that it doesn't stress mama out one bit. i know just how quickly these days go by and if you want to stay awake and hang out with me sometimes i'm totally ok with that. not all the time mind you... mama still needs a break here and there!