this one's for the mamas...

atlanta family photographer


because they'll never be this little again.

because you deserve to see how they look at you.

because one day they'll want these images of you,

and believe it or not, one day so will you.


the details...

motherhood mini sessions take place somewhere you're comfortable, or somewhere special to you and your kiddos. ideally your home, but could also be another agreed upon location. $200 includes approximately 30 mins of shooting time, and you'll receive a minimum of 20 edited images in an online gallery. i'll be offering these through mother's day, and sorry dads,  these minis are just for the mamas! 


*mothers day minis are for families in and around the atlanta area. if you're an out of town mama don't hesitate to drop me a line though and see if we can make something happen!


fall sessions

october was down right bananas! generally early october is the time when i'd make the ol' fall sessions announcement, but see previous statement and you'll understand why this is coming just days before halloween.

with that said though, i've got some time in november if you're interested in getting those family photos you've been putting off. i'll have a few openings for full sessions, and i'll even be opening up some mini session time too. i only offer the latter twice a year, and they're the perfect option if you're just looking to get some pics for holiday cards. as luck would have it, i'll also be traveling to North Carolina and New York during the month, and can definitely work in some out of town families too.

so if you'd like to meet up just raise your hand... and by raise your hand, i mean hit that ol' contact button at the top there!