this one's for the mamas...

atlanta family photographer


because they'll never be this little again.

because you deserve to see how they look at you.

because one day they'll want these images of you,

and believe it or not, one day so will you.


the details...

motherhood mini sessions take place somewhere you're comfortable, or somewhere special to you and your kiddos. ideally your home, but could also be another agreed upon location. $200 includes approximately 30 mins of shooting time, and you'll receive a minimum of 20 edited images in an online gallery. i'll be offering these through mother's day, and sorry dads,  these minis are just for the mamas! 


*mothers day minis are for families in and around the atlanta area. if you're an out of town mama don't hesitate to drop me a line though and see if we can make something happen!



jenn pierce, charlotte nc family photographer“a portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

penny: mornings lately, after our snuggles in bed, followed by breakfast, and seeing daddy off to work, you and i retire to the back porch for a little coffee (for me) and chalk (for you). the sun is still coming up over the trees, the full heat of the day is not quite upon us yet, and we just enjoy our slow start. this is my favorite part of the day, and i don't think you mind it one bit either.

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today, we baked!

it was like a sign from the heavens. this morning i woke up to this post, by sydney, and she had me right at the title. ya see, penny has recently realized that she can have an opinion on the things she eats, and it's making meal times much more interesting. she still eats really well, but it's like some days i'm the greatest chef she's ever known, and then others, well we'll just say that the dogs are getting their fair share of my cooking as well. so when this recipe boasted health AND yumminess i was right on board with it. and my little sous chef, once she saw that she could nibble on chocolate chips while helping, was definitely on board as well!

jenn pierce, charlotte nc photographerjenn pierce, charlotte nc photographerjenn pierce, charlotte nc photographerjenn pierce, charlotte nc photographerjenn pierce, charlotte nc photographer

we copied the recipe sydney posted, and just made a few little adjustments...
* we didn't have any nuts on hand so we just left them out. kinda sad about that one.
* we kept this recipe vegan by simply leaving out the eggs. since many of the ingredients in the recipe already act as egg replacers it's simply not necessary to add actual eggs.
* we used almond milk instead of cows milk. easy peasy!
i can say that these are indeed a yummy treat. it made 12 regular size muffins, and about 10 mini muffins. i say 'about' because the minis are already gone. yum for sure!