feeling festive...

this weekend was all about getting into the halloween spirit!

jenn pierce, charlotte nc photographer

saturday night steph and i had a little "gals only" sleepover. we've both been kinda stressed lately, so this was a much needed night of kicking back middle school style. we stocked up on snacks, beverages and ample scary movies! (ps, did you know that you can get a set of the first 4 nightmare on elm st movies at walmart for just 13 bucks!) laughs were shared, nails were painted, and a good night sleep on the comfiest couch ever was had. i woke the next morning feeling quite refreshed indeed!

sunday afternoon steph, evan and i all went halloween costume shopping, (i won't share just yet what the costumes are, you'll just have to wait for the pics) and then regrouped at adam and stephs later that night. we decided to let the boys in on some halloween fun and we all did a little pumpkin carving.

jenn pierce, charlotte nc photographer

steph and i hadn't carved pumpkins since we were wee little ones, so we both decided to keep it pretty simple and not get too far ahead of ourselves. stephs is the above scary one on the left, i'm the goofy one on the right :)

the boys of course decided to get a bit more intricate. adams is the friday the 13th style pumpkin... and evans is the scary fanged monster.

jenn pierce, charlotte nc photographer

and naturally the best part about pumpkin carving, is pumpkin seed roasting! i highly recommend this made up buffalo pumpkin seed recipe...

jenn pierce, charlotte nc photographer
*wash and clean seeds of all pumpkin stringies and fibers
*spread seeds in a single layer on oiled baking sheet
*add salt, pepper, garlic powder and minced onion to taste
*splash on as much franks hot sauce as you like (i like a good bit!)
*mix it up so that all the seeds are coated, and spread back into a single layer
*bake at 325, checking and turning every 10 mins, for about half and hour

i totally made this recipe up, but they came out AMAZING! just enough heat to keep you coming back for more.

i'm super excited for more halloween antics this week! anyone else do any fun festive goodies over the weekend? do share :)