annual beach trip pics

 and finally back home with our pups...

nothing quite like a little beach getaway to clear out the cobwebs and freshen up the mind! this years trip was a bit calmer then some of the past trips, which was just fine by this preggo! it was chilly most days, and pretty down right freezing the first day, but that just gave me plenty of time to catch up on pregnancy books, eat lots of delicious treats, and kick it with my feet up for much of the day. no complaints here, really! there were some glorious sunny times mixed in too, which led to morning beach walks, and an italian ice so yummy that i'll be thinking about it until next year.

it's time to get back into the swing of things here on the homefront though. i missed our pups like crazy and i'm now ready to start prepping the ol' etsy shop for the christmas rush ahead. one can never start too early on that, especially when someone will be 9 months pregnant come christmas time. should be an interesting holiday season this year!

so happy to be back!