weekly bean update

no change in the fruit baby this week, but here's a belly shot for ya!

this little gal has hit her stride this week! there is a noticeable difference in the width of my midsection if i'm not mistaken, and my lower back is starting to notice it too! the past two days i've woken up feeling a bit like an old lady, but i think that just means i really need to step up my prenatal yoga game. more stretching and strengthening exercises are just what the doctor ordered!

let me also just take a minute to tell you about the jeans i'm wearing in this here photo. you can't really see them, but they deserve mentioning none the less. did you know that on forever 21's website there is a maternity section?!?! i have refused to spend any serious amount of money on maternity clothes, but i was missing jeans like crazy, and no way could i survive the fall/winter season without them. so i was giddy when i saw these bad boys for just 14 bucks on their site. they seem to be sold out of them right now, but if they come back in i highly recommend them! they're a super stretchy skinny jean, and they're uber comfy to boot!

hope you all have a great weekend friends. the mr and i are off to dinner tonight with some of our newly parenting friends, and it was pregnant ladies choice on where to eat, so vietnamese is what's on the menu! i might be a bit excited about it :)