weekly bean update

it's currently 1:30am, so i'll keep this post short and sweet!
i wanted to get this 30 week belly shot up before 31 weeks arrived. the weeks are flying by so fast now and i can hardly believe that we've only got 10 weeks (technically 9.5 now) until my due date. this week has been a crazy one. as i've said in previous posts, i decided that a shop overhaul was in order and i've been working my buns off repainting, reshooting, and designing lots of new goodies. this has made me one busy busy preggo. luckily i've still got boat loads of nesting energy, so this makeover is the perfect thing for me to focus it on. i think evan's probably pretty darn happy too that i'm giving him a break from home renovation projects for a bit... i love ya hubby, and don't you worry, we'll be back to home projects soon enough :)
ok now really, i've got to get me some sleep, but i'll be back tomorrow with some more reveals at all the work i've been up to. nighty night friends!