vacation days

vacation with an infant is definitely different then a vacation without one! that may sound obvious, but i didn't really realize it until i was smack dab in the middle of it. that's not to say that we didn't absolutely have an amazing time, because we did, it just opened my eyes quite a bit once again to what being a mama really is. and i only had this one little one, god bless my sister who's got three!
penny was really great the entire time for being so completely out of her element. sure her sleep routine was off, but she's a very go with the flow kind of baby and for that i am extremely thankful! we went swimming, mama went on her fair share of roller coasters, we spent lots of time out in the sticky summer air, and i even caught one glorious quiet moment with a delicious cocktail. penn did surprisingly well on the 5 hour drives there and back thanks to some new little toys to explore, and some serious big ups to these here puffs
all in all i learned a whole lot about vacationing with a wee one, and i'm happy to say that i would gladly do it again. i want penny to be able to look back on her childhood and know that she went places. there is a big ol' world out that and i'd like her to know that her mama and papa tried to show her a good deal of it!