italy, part IV, the last days

after we returned to torino from our riviera road trip we had a few days of rain in which we didn't do much other then stay around the city and see some local sites. no complaints here though. torino is absolutely gorgeous, and our friends parents made us feel like we were family ourselves.
thankfully the grey skies cleared though for the big gathering at the family vineyard. this place, uhhh i could have sold all my belongings and stayed there forever! the bread, the wine, the view... it stole a little piece of my heart.

i don't think our trip could have been more perfect. staying with family and really getting the true taste of italian living just felt so very right. i don't think we'll ever be able to thank our extended italian family enough for the experience they gave us. i know penny won't remember a lick of it, but thankfully we have a ton of pictures to show her when she's older, and her dad and i will never forget what it was like having her along with us.
if you missed them, here are posts onetwo, and three. and all the pics from our trip can be seen here. hope you have a great weekend, ciao!